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[i’ve been checking this for a long time like always and nothing new, but just now got curious and clicked on the inbox AND HAD A TON OF NEW ASKS WHAT. BAD TUMBLR Y U NO NOTIFICATE ME. 

I hope I can get this back to life again soon, sorry for the long absence uvu it’s just Darkie is too demanding adfsgf]

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[Just so you know guys I’M NOT DEAD


*lightnings and thunders in the background*

It’s just I started working on something for some of my followers in my personal blog, and then an aunt passed away this past 22… such hard times… but well I’m feeling a little better now, I’ll try to take this and my other blogs back to life these days, though I still have to finish the drawings for my followers, I’ll try to alternate between those and these uvu so if you want to send asks feel free to do it! Remember my ask boxes are always open! Though this blog has a lot of asks already xD so if you feel more like to send asks for my adult Links or TP Zelda I wouldn’t mind lD

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of love and presents! I still have to draw my characters in christmas outfits now that I remember x’D

I love you all uvu♥]

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THERE. ITS DONE. For History of Hyrule’s contest.

“Before he passes into the next realm, the Hero’s Shade stays behind a while longer to watch over his descendant one last time. His chest - now released of any lingering regret - swells with pride as he observes what his young hero has become. Shedding onelast tear for his flesh and blood, he departs, his battleworn, armor-clad image fading to resemble the one of the hero he used to be - the Hero of Time.”

[reblogging here too because obvious feels reasons adfsgsf]

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@ admin How long does it take for you to do a given drawing? Like the one you just posted.

[The one I just posted here took me like 10-15min aprox… the I posted on TP Zelda took me like 40min xD All depends on the amount of details I think °u°]

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[because why the dark realm not]

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[I’M SORRY BUT I can’t keep drawing many people for this trick-or-treat thing ;u; too many for one day and I wouldn’t like to draw the ‘rest’ tomorrow because, well, it will be november so it’s not the same!! so OTL I’ll just make the ones I have already In the inbox, so please don’t send more trick or treat messages if you love your admin’s wrist uvu♥ WHY CAN’T I BE AMBIDEXTROUS???]

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[The wallpaper that ask-the-twilight-princess made was too adorable so I had to adgas]

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[How should the Links dress up for Halloween?]

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[Excuse me if I change the direction of TP Link’s hair from drawing to drawing, I just can’t decide which side I like the most since it changes from the GC version to the Wii one so let’s ignore that inconsistence okay? okay Also I’m gonna make him ambidiextrous for the same reason.]

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[Not dead!]

[I decided to not close this ask blog after all ^^” Time ago I decided to close this after answering all the remaining asks in the inbox buuuut, suddenly felt like keeping this going on c:! BUT! I would like you to know a few things before this comes to life again!

1. I’ll be bussy this week. Haha, bad time to decide to keep this going on I know OTL but I’ll still be around even if I’m bussy with personal stuff. So I’ll be watching you all, lurking in the dark… judging.

2. Ask Box will be always open. Just like in my Dark Link blog… but this doesn’t mean I’ll answer you all the same day, as some of you know, inspiration comes and goes so…! This will take time, be patient ♥!

3. Not accepting Magic Anons at the moment! I have some MA accumulated in the inbox so… I don’t think is a good idea to accept more <u< as some of you know, I dared to ask for MA in my Dark Link blog and I have tons of them there now xD so… getting more here too doesn’t sound like a good idea to me at the moment.

With this said, you can send all the asks you want! And I’ll answer them… some day…! OTL]

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Guys, sorry for not stating this before, but please don’t ask Link (or Dark Link) anything via the RP Blog, I think I left that ask box open in case some other ask blog wanted to RP with just text or something, I actually don’t remember xD

I received one question there, I’m gonna make an exception for that person because I didn’t stated this before, but from now on I won’t answer any question sent there! I don’t want to be rude but I closed the main ask box because I have too many questions on the waiting list… send questions there only if you don’t mind having a text answer… I have around 150 asks (between Link and Dark) in queue list to draw orz I want to draw some more before opening the main ask box again, so, please, be patient orz but really if you don’t mind having a written answer you’re free to ask Link something via the RP blog!

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Well, fudge orz


((ooc: I totally missed most part of April Fool’s day because of some family reasons… but I’ll do my best to draw all those pranks people made to Dark and Link tomorrow D:! so you still have time to send them pranks, I’ll close their ask boxes again in 3 hours!

Hope you had an amusing April Fool’s day lD))

(reblogging because… if you didn’t know, I run both blogs!)

(on a side note… I’ve been receiving some messages via inbox that I’m not sure if they’re actually for adult Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or they’re confused this blog with someone else’s o.O One of them was mistaking this blog with other Zelda character and the other one is a pony… guys, I watch My Little Pony, but I don’t RP and I specifically expressed it on the “about” section of this blog >w>” Not trying to be rude here, just to let you know that xD)

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Come at me bros


(ooc: I’ll open Dark’s and Link’s ask boxes for 1 day, and it’ll be only for april fool’s pranks or whatever you want to do with them! In case I receive questions that are not related to the date, they’ll be answered later (as the rest of the questions I haven’t answered yet orz) so please, make it easy to understand that is an april fool’s joke or something like that 8D! So… with that… enjoy! ?)

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OOC: There you can see which users have sent me questions, this way you’ll know if I received your ask or if Tumblr ate it! I’ll add a link with an updated status everytime I answer a question, so it’s not necesary to follow the account where I posted it c: (you can read more details on there) 

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((Ooc: It seems I forgot to turn on the option for anon asks… but now it’s fixed. Feel free to ask as anon from now on, but I reserve the right to ignore the asks that don’t fit the aspects I wrote in the about section of this blog <.<” or answer to them with something not related at all on purpose. I don’t want to be mean, just want to keep this entertaining in a healthy-for-all way.

Also, I created a side blog to interact with other characters, so I won’t spam you with long reply posts, unless you want to >3 here’s the LINK *badum tss*))

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